Sady Says

Sady Says – David Palmer “The Leo King”

Sady Says – Phivo Christodoulou

Fellow Australian Phivo Christodoulou’s knowledge on canine health is incredible. The Dog Health Guy makes organic alternatives to the chemical products flooding the pet market. All made to for human consumption as well. If you can’t eat, why would you feed it to your dog!

Sady’s Says – Scott Mathison

Meet the man behind the body and the crazy tricks you see on Instagram. So often when you read an interview with Scott it’s all about his fitness tips. This is a chance to learn about how he became the guy with the incredible body that can do tricks and combos that blow your mind.

Sady Says – Cleo The Hurricane

Australian Pole Champion, Entrepreneur and Mother talks about her journey in the pole dancing world. She addresses how she dealt with the controversy that erupted after she released a video of her dancing while pregnant and the journey to the incredible business woman she has become.

Sady Says – James Peter Henry

Australian Artist James Peter Henry talking about growing up in country Victoria and the road that art has taken him down, leading all the way to Los Angeles and New York. His work is dynamic and thought provoking, as is the man himself.

Sady Says – Export LA

The Founders of Export LA Charles Jonath and Rab Butler talk about their clothing brand Export LA! They have taken art work and put it directly on to active wear, street wear, shoes and bags! They have made art wearable!

Sady Says – Lets talk about Botox baby! With Michele Florez

Do you know everything you need to know about botox and injectables? Botox is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments in the world, and while most of us have an understanding of what it does, do you know everything you need to know about it before making an informed decision.

Sady Says – Kris Perelmutter (Drewry)

Talking with Author of Breakup Positive Kris Perlemutter (Drewry). It’s not just a book about breaking up and landing in a good place, but a lifestyle book filled with so much wisdom.

Sady Says – Scott Harris

Scott Harris of Building Construction Group and I debating the green movement. The green movement is something I am incredibly passionate about and Scott worked with Ed Begley Jnr to build one of Northern Americas most eco friendly homes.

Sady Says – Candice Heiden

Roller Skating Queen and founding member of LA Roller Girls Candice Heiden talking to me about living her best life!

Sady Says – LA Adopt

In this episode of Sady Says I speak with LA Adopt Founder Yoko Senesac and foster mom Ann Drissel along with her latest foster Bosco. We hear Boscos harrowing tale of rescue and the importance of adopting instead of shopping. Both of these women are doing incredible work and Bosco is the absolute best.

Sady Says – Daniel Hall

In this episode I speak to actor Daniel Hall. He shares his passions outside of acting.

‘Sady Says’ talking with extraordinary Australian designer Jason Grech

I was lucky enough to sit down with Australian Designer Jason Grech. he is going from strength to strength in his already incredible career. This is a chance to get to know a bit more about the many behind those stunning designs.

‘Sady Says’ talking with psychotherapist and author, Ida

This episode of ‘Sady Says’ I am talking with psychotherapist and author, Ida. Sharing her views on how you can create the life that you really want.

‘Sady Says’ with Australian stylist Owen Holloway

From growing up in country Victoria to becoming a successful Melbourne stylist, and now heading over to London. Owen’s journey in the world of fashion

Sassy & Single

Sassy & Single – Eva Clay

Sassy & Single – Bryan Reeves

Relationship Insight Ninja Bryan Reeves is bringing some male insight to my dating questions.

Sassy & Single – Faith Busby

Talking with Matchmaker Faith Busby

Sassy & Single – Silvy Khoucasian

Silvy Khoucasian is an Associate Physcotherapist. Silvy is helping to shed light on our dating habits – good and bad. She gives us tips about what we can work on to be better while dating and how we can make that transition from dating to relationship.

Sassy & Single – Kris Perelmutter (Kris Drewry) Author of Breakup Positive

The very first episode of Sassy & Single!!!! Dating is tough and dating in LA is whole different challenge. Kris Perelmutter (Kris Drewry) author of Breakup Positive joins me to talk about how to have a healthy break up, because you can’t date well if your past is holding you back.


Pathways – Bryan Reeves

Relationship Insight Ninja Bryan Reeves has been on quite the personal journey to become the man he is today. The man that helps make sense of relationships, and situations which can be so difficult to navigate. Learn his story and how he became the man that has helped so many.

Pathways – Yoko Senesac

We see the slogan ‘Adopt Don’t Shop’ everywhere and awareness grows by the day about the importance of adopting our fur babies. But what is the personal toll on the people who spend their lives fighting to save the souls that shelters are prepared to put to sleep because of breed or over crowding in the shelter. Yoko Senesac tells us what it’s like fighting that battle every single day. She is an inspiration on so many levels. She shares the story of the pit bull that started her on this path, along with the triumphs and heartbreaks along the way.

Pathways – Scott Harris

Builder and man of many talents Scott Harris shares his very personal story about his journey in life and what led him to becoming the meticulous and incredible builder he is today. It is both astounding and inspirational to hear his story.

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