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Natalie Sady | Charity

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Charity Work



Natalie’s dream has long been to work in the jungles of Borneo and with the orang-utans. She discovered the issue of Palm Oil one night when looking at a Facebook page. Upon discovering the devastation the plantations that produce this oil were causing, she set about educating herself on the issue and what she could do to help change what was happening in Borneo and Sumatra. At the same time, she was furiously sharing information and recruiting her friends to make the same changes in their lives to help save these gentle giants that live in the rainforests, along with the elephants, tigers and sun bears, whose survival are all now threatened as a result.


Natalie recently joined forces with Palm Oil Investigations to help raise awareness of this issue and the dire situation over in Borneo and Sumatra. Natalie has recently become a member of the board of Palm Oil Investigations.


Along with being a member of the board, Natalie has developed an educational program with Palm Oil Investigations, to go in to schools and educate the next generation about palm oil and the issues we are facing as a result. There is a program especially designed for primary school students, and a separate program for the secondary students.



Providing funds for urgent crisis situations. Rescues – Confiscation from illegal pet trade – Translocation – Medical equipment – Sanctuary upgrades.

OCF also aims to raise enough funds for the front line Ngo’s to secure much needed habitat and construct sanctuaries for the rescued remaining orangutans.

Natalie was recently named as am ambassador for the orangutan Crisis Foundation.



As a child Natalie was always one of the first to stand up and defend someone if she saw them being bullied. She was bought up to believe that there is never a need to tear others down, and has never been one to stand idly by.


When The Bachelor Australia was airing Natalie was subjected to cruel comments and taunts on social media. Not one to back down, she never bit back at individuals, but did take a stand by voicing her thoughts about what was happening on her own Facebook page which she keeps as a positive space that should be used to share opinions and have constructive conversations, but never to tear others down.


Natalie has always said that working in the entertainment industry has helped her develop a really thick skin, which has helped her deal with online bullies and trolls, but is still vocal about how much these awful comments can hurt.


Natalie is an ambassador for Bully Zero Foundation Australia. It was an honour for Natalie to be asked, and she enjoys spreading the word and helping to educate people on the affects of bullying and also acting as an inspiration to others that have been bullied.



While not an official ambassador for any organisation, Natalie is extremely passionate about this issue. As a survivor of domestic violence herself, Natalie shares her story to raise awareness about the issue, and in the hope of starting a conversation, making it feel less taboo to talk about.